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How to wash human hair wigs

First up, I’m just gonna start by filling my sink with some warm water. I did stop up my sink I do find that being able to use it as a basin is a lot more effective when it comes to cleaning the wigs.

I’m gonna use the Silicon Mix shampoo because I love the way that this works on my hair and I just added about a tablespoon of shampoo to the warm water, I’m just gonna fill the sink up about halfway, next I’m gonna go ahead and submerge the wig into the water.

We’re gonna give it a bubble bath. This is like the most gentle way to be able to wash your wigs. Because you know they’re fragile right, so we’re just gonna dunk the wig in and out of the water and shake it around a little bit help some of that product buildup and you know just any type of dirt that’s in there just kind of loosen up and get washed away.

Then, I’m gonna take about another teaspoon or tablespoon, until the water is getting kind of murky down there, that is because this wig has not been washed for a minute now depending on how often you wear your wigs you may need to wash them a little bit more often than I do but I don’t normally wear them that much I wash mine about once a month and that’s probably what my water looks like this so I’m gonna run mine through the wash a one more time but if yours is not as dirty as mine’s was and you can definitely skip this stuff.

So after you here is all clean you want to go ahead and make sure that you raise all of that shampoo out with some nice warm water and try to wring out as much water as possible the next step that we’re going to do is deep condition and again I’m using the Silicon Mix. This stuff is like gold or perversion here. okay so I’m gonna go ahead and work that conditioner through the hair just making sure that I put a generous amount and applying it from root to tip make sure that you get the nape of your neck as well as around the perimeter of you know the front of your wig especially if you have a lace you definitely want to make.

sure that you take extra special care of that hair up there at the front and after it is all conditions go ahead and put that wig inside of a plastic bag and tie it nice and tight now we’re gonna put this bag in the microwave for about 1 to 2 min ago lb hot and just look how amazing the hair looks look how soft and silky it is. Then just rinse it out with some coals or cool water and at this step you can definitely go ahead and detangle — I just like to finger detangle right now and I’m you’ll see me going a little bit later into tangle with some leave-in conditioner and I’m still just rinsing out all the conditioner you want to make sure you get out as much as possible so there’s no product buildup in your hair and now I’m gonna go in with a leave-in conditioner and this is just some random leave-in conditioner that I had in the closet but you can use anyone that you like.

 I don’t have a preference for Leoben's and so just go ahead and detangle so now that that’s done I always like to hang my wigs outside if the weather permits obviously if it’s raining you want to do this inside but yes I do take a children’s pants hanger and hang my wig upside down that way it has a little opening for the inside to dry as well and I do find this way most effective to drive my wigs it dries nice and fast and I still have so much body when it’s done drying.

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