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The difference of the silk top wig, lace front wig and the lace top wig

Silk Top wig is the most realistic wig on the wig market today. Because the roots of the hair on the wig are hidden under the silk, you will get the appearance that your scalp looks like your own.

The Silk Top Base is constructed with a layer of lace, and pure silk fabric on the top front of the cap. By hand sewing/injecting the knots of the hairs under the silk base, Make the hair on the top of the wig look like your own hair.

Standard Silk Base size in stock are 4″ x 4″. It is enough coverage to part the hair in the middle, on the side, & off center, which is where most clients part their hair. goes back 4″ from hairline and across 4″.
Disadvantages of silk top wig:
Silk Top Base is thicker than lace top and has no better breathability than lace top wigs. (But this also determines the service life of silk top wigs is longer than lace top wigs)
In addition, although the Silk Base of silk top wig is close to a real human scalp, its hairline is not as natural as lace front and lace top wigs in appearance. So we can add 1~2 cm lace front to the silk top wig. This is what we call lace front wig.

Our regular lace front is from ear to ear, the width is 1~2 cm. There are also other sizes to choose from. While lace front wig has all the advantages of silk top wig, it can also bring you more natural hairline.


Our lace top wig is designed to be comfortable and highly breathable. the finished wig is a perfect companion that brings versatility to any situation. this wig provides a natural part that's easy to manage and flip whenever the situation calls, looking closely at the intricate details you can see how the Swiss lace locks in every strand of hair in uniform elegance. the lace wig gives all-day comfort and confidence.


Disadvantages of lace top wig:
There is only one layer of lace on the top of the wig, which brings a super natural appearance, which will also determine its service life is shorter a little than silk top wig.

In addition, the top of the lace wig has slightly less top hair than the silk top wig, which can be its advantage (it brings a very natural look) or disadvantage (if you like a very thick top, the lace top wig may not fit).


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