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What is a Sheitel?

Short answer. It's a wig. 

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Now there are a few differences in the styles and the acceptance of sheitels. Let me cite a few examples: in the 16th century actually permitted wigs through Joshua Boas Ben · Simone Baroque, and he was the one actually passed the order of being acceptable that Jewish women should wear wigs to cover their hair when they get married. That was in the year fifteen fifty-seven, so Jewish women have been wearing wigs for quite some time. But in some communities, it is not permissible for Jewish women according to their Roth to wear a wig. and in others, it is if you're Sephardic or Ashkenazi, there were many similar small details and differences.

And also the style of the wig which is something that we see a lot of differences. In some Jewish women who prefer to wear sheitels that look like wigs. Because they want people to know that they are wearing wigs and they want people to know they're married. It kind of falls in the line of what would be considered modest in some circles but some not. So there's a lot of differences for people who hold in different areas.

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Typically speaking, an orthodox kosher wig is not gonna have front lace, The front lace is gonna give it a very natural feel. A lot of Jewish style caps don’t have front lace, but some do. Everybody holds differently and one is not better than the other. I respect everybody's opinions about how they hold.

Below is a comparison of lace front wig and silk top wig. You can see the differences between them.

the difference of lace front wig and silk top wig

Maybe you still have such doubts: why do Jewish women cover their hair? It's a very complicated and long explanation for women unfamiliar with orthodoxy. And we're still learning the whole process. But we can see there are a few sources in their scripture, Torah and other Robottom that have led them to follow the practice that: a married Jewish woman should be covering her hair.

Somebody asked us if you do Indian hair? The answer is no. We do not and that. Because that's forbidden in the Jewish religion to use. Maybe some of the manufacturers are trying to provide people with an alternative to Indian or temple hair. However, I can assure you that all the kosher wigs we provide to you are made of the finest Brazilian virgin hair and European virgin hair. NO MIXED. NO DECEIT.

Today, I just wanted to give a light introduction for those of you who are not Jewish women and who are wearing wigs. I hope you enjoyed this introduction. If you still have some doubts, please put it down below. And you can also contact me through WhatsApp 🤳 +86 15253235581, or follow us Instagram @beeswigs, I will try our best to answer your questions. If someone wants to know more, I will be happy to help you.



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