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Is a Human Hair Wig Worth It? (You Only Need To Know These 6 Points)

It is well known that the price of a human hair wig is very high. For everyone who has not worn a human hair wig, spending so much to buy a wig is a risk. So, is it worth spending so much money on human hair wigs? Next, let us reveal the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig. You will not be confused after reading the following points.

💫 Natural Looking

Human hair wigs look just like your bio hair, they are softer and finer than a synthetic wig. The hairline also looks more natural.

The color in a human hair wig looks more stereoscopic and more realistic.

natural hairline

Some synthetic wigs just shout “wig”, because they have a firm appearance and feel like plastic.

The color in a synthetic wig looks flat.


💫 Longer lifetime

A human hair wig can last up to several years with the correct maintenance and care.

A synthetic wig can be used for 6~12 months.


💫 Lightweight and Breathable

Compared with synthetic wigs, human hair lace wigs are light and totally breathable.

Full lace cap provide air circulation and keep you head dry and ventilated all day.( Click here to learn about full lace cap and front lace cap )

full lace cap

💫 Easier to Style

Human hair wigs can straighten and design any texture you like. With full lace hair wigs,

you can separate them anywhere, because every part of the hat is lace,

which means it looks like your own scalp, producing 360-degree versatility.

Human hair wigs can even be colored in different shades, and there is no need to worry that too much colorant can damage the hair.

Synthetic wig styling is relatively inferior to human hair wigs


💫 Good Heat Resistanc

Human hair wigs have no problem even with heated rollers, curling irons and hair dryers.

This will only make human hair wigs more versatile.


Synthetic wigs are not heat resistant, and if they are too close to a heat source or an open flame,

they will melt or permanently curl.


💫 Tangle Less

The fineness of the hair wig of a human hair wig means that it is not easily entangled.

Although this happens sometimes, it is actually less frequent than using synthetic wigs.


Synthetic wigs can entangle quite easily because the hair is thicker than natural hair.


In summary, Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Having a beautiful haircut is like a perfect time, and the return of wit will make you feel that you can conquer the world.

Please allow yourself to look and feel great… you are totally worth it!

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