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Most Realistic Beginner Friendly Wig - No Baby Hair(With Pictures)

This is the most natural realistic beginner-friendly wig! It comes pre-plucked and is so easy to install. This wig takes all the hard parts out of customizing your lace wig. The transparent lace is what makes the install so natural. I can part this hair all the way down to the back if I want because this is a full lace wig. I can also wear it up in a ponytail if I choose to do so. 

Now, put the wig on the mannequin head, change this middle part to a side part. I'm going for a more natural look with this install so instead of laying a lot.

Of baby hairs what I'd like to do is just cut little pieces of hair along the front of the hairline that will naturally lay kind of like how your natural hair lays.

And then, spray some of the hairsprays around the perimeter of the hairline. It just helps me to be able to shape the hair so that it lays how I want. And rubbing that in with the tail of the comb.

The basic styling for the wig is complete, let me put on the wig. Don't forget to put makeup on the forehead and I think it's best if you put your foundation on last to prevent the hairspray from messing it up. Also, I do have a bald cap underneath this wig however it's not necessary. You can just wear a regular and way cap.

I want you all to take a second and admire how natural this wig looks on the head before I even cut the lace. And this is one of the things that really sell the customer on this wig is that the lace is this transparent tinted color. It just lays so perfectly with the skin and already looks flawless on the head.

Remember I didn't bleach the knot or tint this lace at all. This is how this wig literally comes straight out the box. This wig just really makes my job easy!

Next, I cut a little piece of the lace off just to get it to fit and lay flat next to my ears.

Fix the wig with a spray. (A hairdryer can make the process faster)

  • One tip that I can add is that I like to comb the hair as I'm laying it down with the hairspray this prevents the hair from sticking to the spray underneath.

And now I'm just going to apply my scarf and tie it down for about 10 minutes, and that's gonna let it really set in place.


After 10 minutes I took my scarf off and as you can see this wig is laid.


I'm loving! This is very natural no baby hairs just a natural install. If you're loving this install go ahead and show your girl some love.

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