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What is a Sheitel? (with Pictures)

Short answer. It's a wig.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term sheitel, or maybe understanding a little bit of the background as to what it is and why Jewish women cover their hair. We are going to very lightly touch upon that. So basically a sheitel is just another word used by some groups of Jews predominantly Orthodox Jews to describe the wig. So sheitel is synonymous with the...

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Most Realistic Beginner Friendly Wig - No Baby Hair(With Pictures)

This is the most natural realistic beginner-friendly wig! It comes pre-plucked and is so easy to install. This wig takes all the hard parts out of customizing your lace wig. The transparent lace is what makes the install so natural.

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Human Hair Wigs OR Synthetic Hair Wigs

Wearing wigs can make such a difference in your look in life.  ​ There are so many amazing options your piece may never be detected as anything but your own.  The first thing to consider human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs.  There are definitely advantages to both and it’s about finding what’s best for your lifestyle and budget.  Most people think human hair wigs are better because they’re made with...

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How to wash human hair wigs

First up, I’m just gonna start by filling my sink with some warm water. I did stop up my sink I do find that being able to use it as a basin is a lot more effective when it comes to cleaning the wigs. I’m gonna use the Silicon Mix shampoo because I love the way that this works on my hair and I just added about a tablespoon of...

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How to identify real human hair

When you burn it, it smells like barbecue and comes off. However, when you burn synthetic hair it just smells like plastic. That's the difference between real human hair and synthetic hair. Currently, lots of manufacturers would like to mix synthetic hair into human hair wigs, that's why the price of human hair wigs are soooooooo cheap on AliExpress and Amazon. You should always know that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY...

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How To Apply Mink Eyelashes — In 4 Easy Steps!(With Pictures)

❤️STEP ONE Gently remove the eyelashes from the tray with tweezers. ❤️STEP TWO Apply the mink eyelashes to the bottom of your own lash line and subtract the extra part. ❤️STEP THREE Apply mascara along with the cotton band and wait for a while to make the glue sticky. ❤️STEP FOUR Use a pair of tweezers to apply the eyelashes on the base of the natural lash line and leave it for a few seconds to dry. You can...

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