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The Differences Between Full Lace Cap and Lace Front Cap

So many customers who are new to the wig, are confusing about the wig cap constructions, here we list the 2 main kinds of caps, you can compare the pros and cons to choosing the most suitable one.

Hand ties the hair to the cap lace.

Full lace cap wigs are the most comfortable wigs because of the soft and stretchable lace cap. And you can freely part your hair like your own hair.

But, as it needs a lot of hand works, so the price is comparatively higher than the lace front cap when with the same hair type, length, density.

  1. Price: High
  2. Hand-tie Area: Full Head
  3. Pros: 
    (1) Can be parted anywhere; 
    (2) High ponytail or updos available.



Lace front cap wigs are the most traditional lace wigs, they have more affordable prices than full lace wigs when with the same hair length, density, and the same hair type.

We are now launching Normal (13*4) swiss lace front caps for you.

  1. Price: Medium to Low
  2. Hand-tie Area: On the Front Parting Area
  3. Pros: 
    (1) Can be part in the front area; 
    (2)The price is more affordable than a full lace cap wig.




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